NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
Curriculum-vitaeMon curriculum vitae version markdown & cie. Hugo Soucy2020-12-24 02:16
FeedsMy list of RSS/Atom feeds that i follow and consume with Elfeed or other readers. Hugo Soucy2021-02-07 11:52
anything-scriptsDisposable scripts to fix day to day problems. Hugo Soucy2021-02-07 19:32
cssminRemoves line breaks, comments and spaces around symbols, in a CSS file. 2022-12-01 14:43
dotfilesThe dotfiles of my personnal laptop. Hugo Soucy2023-03-28 16:38
emacs.dMy Emacs configuration files. Hugo Soucy2023-03-24 00:32
fakestache-ssg[ARCHIVED] A static site generator in Bash 4. Hugo Soucy2017-03-27 12:17
hsccSoure code of <>. Hugo Soucy2023-03-28 17:14
jcarrier-themeA Grav CMS theme for <>. Hugo Soucy2021-12-19 20:41
lua-slugifyCreating URL slugs properly in Lua. Hugo Soucy2021-02-07 12:42
satelito-sampleThis is a sample web site for the Satelito ssg. Hugo Soucy2022-04-06 15:54
satelitoStatic [web] site (or page) generator (ssg) made with Lua script. Hugo Soucy2023-04-03 17:09
soucy.ccMain website of '' <>. Hugo Soucy2020-12-18 21:30
tri-themeA Grav CMS theme for <>. Hugo Soucy2021-02-07 20:43
vcardvCard in HTML with microformats2 and RDFa lite. Hugo Soucy2021-02-07 19:06