Removes line breaks, comments and spaces around symbols, in a CSS file.
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2022-12-01 14:43Update the README fileHugo Soucy1+9-2
2022-03-21 00:49Put uses in a listHugo Soucy1+4-7
2022-03-21 00:46Add a READMEHugo Soucy1+14-0
2022-03-21 00:36Remove the require inspectHugo Soucy1+0-2
2022-01-27 04:01Return the first result onlyHugo Soucy1+7-2
2021-12-19 18:52Add a slash dot in the last exempleHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-12-19 18:48Move a double quoteHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-12-07 01:53Add the possibility to input CSS by stdinHugo Soucy1+24-7
2021-11-20 01:58Remove the plus sign and change the pattern for remove comments.Hugo Soucy1+2-2
2021-11-20 00:29Modify commentsHugo Soucy1+2-2
2021-11-19 22:16Do the first commit.Hugo Soucy2+53-0