[ARCHIVED] A static site generator in Bash 4.
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2017-03-27 12:17Precise the bash version.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2017-03-27 12:16Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/fakestache-ssgHugo Soucy7+116-54
2017-03-27 12:15Add Coreutils to the list of dependencies.Hugo Soucy1+3-3
2017-03-16 18:26Add a link to <https://github.com/jgm/pandoc-templates>Hugo Soucy1+2-1
2017-03-16 18:23Modify the templates section of the doc.Hugo Soucy1+16-14
2017-03-16 18:08Start the templates documentation.Hugo Soucy1+31-9
2017-03-13 01:22Be more specific in the creation of the templates array.Hugo Soucy1+3-2
2017-03-13 01:21Enhance the archetype section of the documentation.Hugo Soucy1+64-42
2017-03-13 01:20Delete archetype.sample.md file.Hugo Soucy1+0-8
2017-03-13 01:19Rename the archetype sampleHugo Soucy1+8-0
2017-03-11 01:07Enhance the parse_yaml function.Hugo Soucy1+10-5
2017-03-11 01:06Move a comment and check if the tmp folder exist before delete itHugo Soucy1+2-2
2017-03-11 01:05Add the new config files in the main file.Hugo Soucy1+5-4
2017-03-11 01:05Split the config file in two filesHugo Soucy3+71-69
2017-03-04 12:48Add the `.html` extension to the permalink variable.Hugo Soucy1+2-2
2017-03-04 12:46Modify the archetypes doc.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2017-02-19 12:36Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/fakestache-ssgHugo Soucy1+0-0
2017-02-19 12:36Start the documentation of the Archetypes.Hugo Soucy1+4-1
2017-01-16 13:23Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/fakestache-ssgHugo Soucy3+16-8
2017-01-16 13:22Add pandoc var.Hugo Soucy1+1-0
2016-11-13 00:15Sync images not just html in public_html/Hugo Soucy1+5-1
2016-11-08 22:23Modify the main title of the readmeHugo Soucy1+5-1
2016-11-08 22:16Remove the yaml header.Hugo Soucy1+1-6
2016-11-08 22:15Unsymlink the readme.Hugo Soucy1+0-0
2016-11-08 22:13The readme is now a symlink.Hugo Soucy1+0-0
2016-11-08 22:13Change mindepth to 1.Hugo Soucy1+2-2
2016-11-08 21:36Simplify the creation of the flat database.Hugo Soucy1+1-5
2016-11-07 16:53Remove trailling spaces.Hugo Soucy1+3-3
2016-11-07 16:53Remove the loop for the feed template.Hugo Soucy1+4-10
2016-11-07 16:22Use mustache to build the feed entries file.Hugo Soucy1+10-17
2016-11-07 16:22Add a mustache file for the feed entries.Hugo Soucy1+9-0
2016-11-05 02:31Put the index footer in english.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2016-11-05 02:27Remove the db.Hugo Soucy1+0-6
2016-11-05 02:08Add the db in ignore list.Hugo Soucy2+1-2
2016-11-05 02:01Add the db file to the ignore list.Hugo Soucy1+1-0
2016-11-05 01:53Remove index pages from the loop.Hugo Soucy1+2-2
2016-11-05 01:32Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:hs0ucy/fakestache-ssgHugo Soucy8+51-41
2016-11-05 01:31Add .orig to the gitignore.Hugo Soucy1+1-0
2016-11-04 23:37Replace blogitem by pageitem.Hugo Soucy1+6-6
2016-11-02 12:34Replace `panstash` with `fakestache` in config fileHugo Soucy1+7-7
2016-11-02 01:21Add the database processingHugo Soucy3+16-5
2016-11-02 00:19Add the pandoc template for the database.Hugo Soucy2+3-1
2016-11-02 00:01Add the `static` (assets) folderHugo Soucy1+4-0
2016-11-01 23:48Remove personal infos from the config file.Hugo Soucy1+10-10
2016-11-01 21:29Remove all the special chars with regex.Hugo Soucy1+6-7
2016-11-01 19:38Simplify the process:Hugo Soucy1+19-39
2016-11-01 19:37Simplify the content of the mustache templates.Hugo Soucy6+39-64
2016-11-01 19:36Remove the content of hte `$TMP_PATH` folder on reset.Hugo Soucy1+2-2
2016-11-01 19:35Enhance file création trough archetypes.Hugo Soucy1+7-6
2016-11-01 19:34Ajust two configs.Hugo Soucy1+2-2
2016-11-01 19:32Remove useless config and comment + `template` config.Hugo Soucy1+1-2
2016-11-01 17:34Purge the *templates/mustache/* folder.Hugo Soucy9+0-236
2016-11-01 14:28Add basic installation steps.Hugo Soucy1+7-1
2016-11-01 13:58Add hyperlinks in the README.Hugo Soucy1+4-1
2016-11-01 13:58Add the `.gitmodules` dotfile.Hugo Soucy1+3-0
2016-10-31 10:54Add mo lib.Hugo Soucy1+1-0
2016-10-31 10:53First commit.Hugo Soucy32+814-0