Ferron is a fast and simple static website generator made with Lua.
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Update the installation process.

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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -1,17 +1,20 @@ -# Ferron SSG +# Ferron -Ferron is a static website generator crafted -with [Lua >= 5.3](https://www.lua.org/). +Ferron is a static site generator (SSG) crafted with Lua >= 5.3. *This documentation is a WIP*. ## Installation -1. Make sure Lua 5.3 or up is installed on your machine. -2. Then `git clone git@github.com:hs0ucy/ferron-ssg.git && cd - ferron-ssg` -3. After that install all the dependencies below. For me, the best way - to do that it's via [LuaRocks](https://luarocks.org/). +1. Make sure [Lua](https://www.lua.org/) 5.3 (or up), and + [Luarocks](https://luarocks.org/) are installed on your machine. +2. Then `git clone git@github.com:hs0ucy/Ferron.git && cd Ferron` +3. The rest of the installation process is made with the Ferron CLI: `cornelius`. +4. So make sure the `cornelius` file have the right permissions to be execute has a script. +5. Otherwise: `chmod a+x cornelius`. +6. After that `./cornelius install`. The `install` will check if Luarocks is + installed on your system and then install all the dependencies with it. +7. If all went well, you are up and ready to create your site. ### Dependencies