[ARCHIVED] Ferron is a fast and simple static website generator made with Lua.
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2020-10-22 00:43Edit the README fileHugo Soucy2+1-1
2020-06-24 11:23Remove unused moduleHugo Soucy1+0-2
2020-05-02 18:35Remove a commentHugo Soucy1+3-29
2020-05-02 18:35Remove unused keysHugo Soucy1+2-2
2020-04-27 23:28Desactivate the mods functionHugo Soucy1+23-22
2020-04-27 18:52Fix a bug in the makeshorts functionHugo Soucy1+3-3
2020-04-27 18:51Remove unwnated tags in atom feed templateHugo Soucy1+16-20
2020-04-27 18:51Add the option sitenameHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-04-27 18:23Put the new name if the sample site + file a path problemHugo Soucy2+3-3
2020-04-27 18:03Rename the sample siteHugo Soucy18+43-114
2020-04-27 14:41Move the template path funcitonHugo Soucy3+14-9
2020-04-27 01:50Add a get template file functionHugo Soucy1+8-0
2020-04-27 01:50Add a templatemod optionHugo Soucy1+5-1
2020-04-27 01:49Convert makerewritemap as a pluginHugo Soucy1+0-26
2020-04-27 01:49Remove unused requireHugo Soucy1+0-4
2020-04-26 17:09Add comment in init moduleHugo Soucy1+3-0
2020-04-26 02:44Print the created html pageHugo Soucy1+3-2
2020-04-26 02:34Check if lastbuild file is thereHugo Soucy2+12-7
2020-04-26 02:20Delete lastbuild fileHugo Soucy1+0-2
2020-04-26 02:18Modify the git ignoreHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-04-26 02:15Add a git ignoreHugo Soucy1+1-0
2020-04-26 02:13Render a page only if it's modified from the last site buildHugo Soucy1+6-1
2020-04-26 01:37Check if a content was modified since the last buildHugo Soucy3+18-5
2020-04-13 01:12Put the right git URLHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-03-27 19:16Add a missing returnHugo Soucy1+1-0
2020-03-21 00:03Fix an ugly bugHugo Soucy2+3-3
2020-03-20 23:34ReturnHugo Soucy3+1-4
2020-03-12 13:28Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/FerronHugo Soucy3+9-4
2020-03-12 13:27Optimize the site module.Hugo Soucy1+1-40
2020-02-23 00:08Add the lastupdated propertyHugo Soucy1+5-6
2020-02-23 00:07Create a method to get the date of the last updated fileHugo Soucy1+15-1
2020-02-23 00:07Rename a paramHugo Soucy1+2-2
2020-02-14 02:26Remove the dash from the shortlink charactersHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-02-13 20:06Return if draft is set to trueHugo Soucy1+7-0
2020-02-11 02:34Modifies the READMEHugo Soucy1+2-2
2020-02-11 02:34Fixes a var declarationHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-02-11 02:33Removes unused parameters + adds current parameter in navigationHugo Soucy1+4-3
2020-02-11 02:32Add the current page mecanismHugo Soucy1+18-3
2020-02-11 02:32Replaces some argumentsHugo Soucy1+3-3
2020-02-11 02:31Make some testsHugo Soucy1+4-4
2019-10-25 13:48Remove the partials argumentHugo Soucy2+0-4
2019-10-23 10:25Restablish shortlinks functionsHugo Soucy2+4-1
2019-10-23 00:47Clean template functionsHugo Soucy2+28-31
2019-10-23 00:37Fix some path bugHugo Soucy1+5-1
2019-10-21 23:59Put all nodes in one tableHugo Soucy2+4-3
2019-10-20 20:49Move & rename cornelius ... it's now a symlinkHugo Soucy3+3-0
2019-10-20 20:35Modify documentationHugo Soucy1+6-6
2019-10-20 20:12Simplify some callsHugo Soucy1+2-5
2019-10-20 20:11Provide minimal conf to avoid the needs of page's configuration fileHugo Soucy1+6-0
2019-10-13 12:17Requires specific functions from some modules.Hugo Soucy1+4-4
2019-10-13 12:17Move some functions in file-utilsHugo Soucy2+46-11
2019-10-10 01:28Remove an unused module requireHugo Soucy1+0-1
2019-10-10 01:27Fix the mkdir bugHugo Soucy1+1-1
2019-10-01 18:23Modify the require path in plugin.runHugo Soucy1+1-1
2019-09-29 23:27Comment a printHugo Soucy1+1-1
2019-09-29 23:25Start a cache moduleHugo Soucy1+26-0
2019-09-29 23:25Remove a printHugo Soucy1+1-1
2019-09-29 19:05Refactor the way Ferron consume sitedataHugo Soucy5+71-80
2019-09-04 00:07Removes testsHugo Soucy1+2-2
2019-08-30 12:05Make some testsHugo Soucy2+5-1
2019-08-28 13:28Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/FerronHugo Soucy1+4-16
2019-08-28 13:17Add some luadocHugo Soucy1+9-1
2019-07-05 10:55Start the luadoc fileutils documentationHugo Soucy1+16-0
2019-07-03 01:50Add isNotdotdirectory and apply itHugo Soucy2+16-3
2019-07-03 01:49Use only two spacesHugo Soucy1+1-5
2019-07-02 02:07Replace by shorter module names in requiresHugo Soucy10+113-108
2019-06-29 03:53Optimize thingsHugo Soucy3+11-9
2019-06-28 02:07Try to simplify, split to multiple functions.Hugo Soucy7+71-56
2019-06-20 02:12Try to simplify the site moduleHugo Soucy1+23-10
2019-06-17 19:57Rename page.iterator to page.makepagesHugo Soucy2+2-2
2019-06-17 12:46Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/FerronHugo Soucy5+55-52
2019-05-15 12:27Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/FerronHugo Soucy19+30-4
2019-04-30 12:26Remove metaskeyorder because it's not used anynoreHugo Soucy1+0-2
2019-04-27 02:03Delete the tag module because it's unusedHugo Soucy1+0-67
2019-04-27 02:02Merge the page and list modulesHugo Soucy3+62-125
2019-04-19 14:51Merge pull request #4 from hs0ucy/refactoring_fev2019Hugo Soucy18+297-271
2019-04-02 16:53Add an ideaHugo Soucy1+3-0
2019-02-07 15:05Return directly the requireHugo Soucy1+1-3
2019-02-06 13:37Change the assignment of the Ferron global table.Hugo Soucy1+25-44
2019-02-05 13:37Return the site table instead of a booleanHugo Soucy1+1-1
2019-02-05 13:26Change ferron.lua to an alias to ferron/init.luaHugo Soucy2+1-78
2019-02-05 13:19Add new foldersHugo Soucy2+10-0
2019-02-05 13:06Refactor the isDirectory methodHugo Soucy1+3-3
2019-02-05 13:03Refactor some fileutils methodsHugo Soucy1+79-81
2019-02-04 23:57Add an editorconfig file.Hugo Soucy1+16-0
2019-02-04 20:31Simplify isFile methodHugo Soucy1+78-78
2019-02-04 12:59Remove several `~= nil`Hugo Soucy4+10-10
2019-02-02 13:09Set metatables for the modulesHugo Soucy15+730-662
2019-02-01 21:14Start to simplify the code according to the Lua Style GuideHugo Soucy1+3-3
2019-01-30 18:24Return to the Ferron.site globalHugo Soucy12+94-103
2019-01-30 13:55Clean site tableutils functionsHugo Soucy3+75-74
2019-01-28 14:02Add a comment about while loop and coroutine.Hugo Soucy1+2-1
2019-01-24 18:08Add function to sort nav itemsHugo Soucy1+23-2
2019-01-22 20:20Add makenavigation functionHugo Soucy2+22-18
2019-01-22 20:19Add navigation table to the metaconfHugo Soucy2+3-0
2019-01-22 16:37Add a basic navigation mecanismHugo Soucy1+24-0
2019-01-21 17:28Fix a bug in the setcontent methodHugo Soucy1+2-2
2019-01-12 18:16Merge branch 'master' into lua-as-page-metaconfHugo Soucy0+0-0
2019-01-04 16:27Print the output when the page is renderedHugo Soucy1+4-2
2018-12-30 03:47Refactor the site moduleHugo Soucy1+29-36
2018-12-30 03:46Move mimetypes table and simply return the table directlyHugo Soucy1+1-13
2018-12-30 03:46Remove Ferron. callsHugo Soucy2+25-8
2018-12-30 03:35Replace Ferron.site. by site.Hugo Soucy7+47-55
2018-12-30 03:35Chande the Ferron declarationHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-12-30 03:34RenameHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-12-30 03:34Remove unused dependencies + moved mimetypes table hereHugo Soucy1+12-5
2018-12-21 21:09Create the getpageconf functionHugo Soucy1+8-0
2018-12-19 01:53Remove a print and a os.exitHugo Soucy1+0-4
2018-12-19 01:48Merge branch 'without-luapath' of github.com:hs0ucy/Ferron into without-luapathHugo Soucy0+0-0
2018-12-19 01:44Add a spaceHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-12-19 01:43Remove require path callsHugo Soucy2+0-2
2018-12-19 01:42Rename local functionsHugo Soucy1+4-6
2018-12-19 01:41Refactor listsites & makesite functionsHugo Soucy1+18-7
2018-12-18 18:21Add a new way to get paths stringsHugo Soucy1+20-5
2018-12-18 18:20Replace concatened paths with the site.paths formHugo Soucy7+29-28
2018-12-18 04:34Remove LFS dependencyHugo Soucy1+0-1
2018-12-18 04:32Remove the path referenceHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-12-18 04:30Change a function to be localHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-12-18 04:26Remove dependencies + make some path testsHugo Soucy5+15-50
2018-12-18 02:48Change path.copy with shell cpHugo Soucy4+17-2
2018-12-17 22:16Replace currentdir and mkdirHugo Soucy1+3-2
2018-12-11 23:41Replace path.basename by fileutils.getbasenameHugo Soucy1+2-2
2018-12-10 21:19Replace path methods by custom onesHugo Soucy2+2-2
2018-12-10 20:53Replace path methods by custom onesHugo Soucy8+18-28
2018-12-07 19:09Remove path utilisationsHugo Soucy1+11-25
2018-12-07 19:08Move the function isnotindex in fileutils + remove path utilisationsHugo Soucy2+12-12
2018-11-30 18:33Add a method to get the folder of a file.Hugo Soucy2+10-1
2018-12-18 03:04Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/FerronHugo Soucy7+253-164
2018-12-18 03:01Fix a link bug if list is emptyHugo Soucy1+11-9
2018-11-21 01:14Remove the rockspec fileHugo Soucy1+0-39
2018-11-20 14:06Modify the READMEHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-11-04 00:46Remove an unwanted printHugo Soucy1+0-3
2018-11-04 00:45Remove etlua testsHugo Soucy2+3-20
2018-11-01 17:39Make some test to the etlua functionHugo Soucy1+18-3
2018-10-30 13:31Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/FerronHugo Soucy1+2-7
2018-10-30 13:31Remove a os.exitHugo Soucy1+0-2
2018-10-30 13:30Add the new method to render templatesHugo Soucy1+4-4
2018-10-30 13:30Change a wrong property nameHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-10-24 17:41Rename some function + test etlua template engineHugo Soucy7+35-13
2018-10-23 13:33Add a function to render etluaHugo Soucy1+9-1
2018-10-16 19:12Rename settemplate to selecttemplateHugo Soucy3+3-3
2018-10-16 19:10Add a function to select templates between etlua or mustacheHugo Soucy4+31-7
2018-10-16 02:22Add the entry plugins to the config.paths tableHugo Soucy1+1-0
2018-10-16 02:22Change the plugin require pathHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-10-16 02:16Finish a basic plugin systemHugo Soucy2+4-9
2018-10-15 17:13Start the plugin systemHugo Soucy3+25-0
2018-10-12 19:06Merge 2 lines in oneHugo Soucy1+1-3
2018-10-12 18:33Rename site-config in config ... move ferron config in ferron dirHugo Soucy12+40-40
2018-10-12 18:10Merge the app configuration file with the site configuration fileHugo Soucy2+2-3
2018-10-12 15:20remove unused modulesHugo Soucy1+0-2
2018-10-12 14:42Rename Ferron.sites by site.locationHugo Soucy1+5-5
2018-10-12 14:39Pull sites from pathsHugo Soucy1+1-4
2018-10-11 17:17Add a extend table methodHugo Soucy1+13-0
2018-10-05 16:32Remove returnsHugo Soucy3+34-39
2018-10-05 01:56Remove buggy returnsHugo Soucy3+3-7
2018-10-05 00:30Display the number of pages createdHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-10-04 21:05Use `tableutils.length` to output the nb `.html` createdHugo Soucy1+1-0
2018-10-04 16:01Add a `metaskeyorder` tableHugo Soucy1+2-0
2018-10-04 16:01Add a `list_template` local var.Hugo Soucy1+13-16
2018-10-04 16:00Add returnsHugo Soucy3+13-18
2018-10-03 10:43Allow a site to be pass directly with argHugo Soucy1+60-60
2018-10-03 01:38Change & apply the design of the feedtypes tableHugo Soucy2+15-6
2018-10-03 00:00Merge pull request #3 from hs0ucy/optimization_2Hugo Soucy1+13-10
2018-10-02 19:51Merge pull request #2 from hs0ucy/feed_refactoringHugo Soucy9+134-139
2018-10-02 16:13Rename `templateutils.setmustache` to `templateutils.processmustache`Hugo Soucy6+9-9
2018-09-14 17:32Create table for the `json.encode` keyorder paramHugo Soucy1+11-2
2018-09-12 22:57Optimize a `path.each` argument.Hugo Soucy1+5-5
2018-09-12 22:20Fix a typoHugo Soucy1+2-3
2018-09-11 17:09Update the list of the dependencies.Hugo Soucy1+3-1
2018-09-11 17:08Fix the indentationHugo Soucy1+2-2
2018-09-11 16:47Add precious commentsHugo Soucy1+4-4
2018-09-11 13:31Add a sentence about JSON files.Hugo Soucy1+2-1
2018-09-11 13:10Optimize `site.getsiteinfos` functionHugo Soucy1+3-6
2018-08-31 19:00Put the new name of the github directory.Hugo Soucy1+3-3
2018-08-29 10:09Use `path.basename` instead of a regular expressionHugo Soucy1+3-4
2018-08-28 20:09Replace vars by first class functionsHugo Soucy4+33-32
2018-08-28 14:12Simplify `static` module, build symlinks directly in `public_html/`Hugo Soucy1+35-35
2018-08-23 14:37Add and apply an empty directory funcitonHugo Soucy2+37-4
2018-08-23 14:37Remove a comment and call the new reset functionHugo Soucy1+2-1
2018-08-23 14:36Add a reset functionHugo Soucy1+11-9
2018-08-20 00:33Test symlinks with luaposixHugo Soucy1+10-4
2018-08-20 00:31Replace markdown by discount + add lua-posixHugo Soucy3+5-4
2018-08-18 20:56Remove the prefetch mecanismHugo Soucy2+3-6
2018-08-18 14:20Merge pull request #1 from hs0ucy/testHugo Soucy4+69-94
2018-08-11 14:53Remove testsHugo Soucy1+1-5
2018-08-11 14:43Add prints to testHugo Soucy1+5-1
2018-08-10 22:47Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/FerronHugo Soucy1+3-1
2018-08-10 22:46REplace `== false` by `not`Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-08-10 00:59Remove references about `section`Hugo Soucy2+11-5
2018-08-10 00:01Remove a paths.dir functionHugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-08-10 00:00Put the meta updated in the configuration metatable.Hugo Soucy1+4-2
2018-08-09 23:59Remove updated metadata from de JSON filesHugo Soucy1+1-2
2018-08-09 21:35Optimize list and page modules.Hugo Soucy2+10-8
2018-08-09 17:05Remove `content.makecontent` from the init table.Hugo Soucy1+1-2
2018-08-09 16:57Add a new fonction to the site module.Hugo Soucy1+17-0
2018-08-07 21:28Add a simple function to list sites in sites repositoryHugo Soucy1+15-0
2018-08-07 20:17Add the "repository" term.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-08-03 21:27Update the READMEHugo Soucy1+8-19
2018-08-03 21:17Update the index page of the website sample.Hugo Soucy1+29-33
2018-08-03 21:15Update the website sample.Hugo Soucy2+24-17
2018-08-03 21:14Add the `makesite` method and the `start` option.Hugo Soucy3+33-6
2018-08-03 21:12Edit the README with the `start` option.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-07-30 22:48Remove the pegasus from dependenciesHugo Soucy2+1-12
2018-07-26 18:48Modify the output message.Hugo Soucy1+2-4
2018-07-24 16:48Add git submodule commands in Installation processHugo Soucy1+3-1
2018-07-24 14:49Update the README and the `cornelius` welcome message.Hugo Soucy2+11-1
2018-07-24 14:33Update the installation process.Hugo Soucy1+11-8
2018-05-10 20:55Put the path to the template of a page in a var.Hugo Soucy2+3-2
2018-05-10 20:40Add the data path in the default site configurationHugo Soucy1+1-0
2018-04-15 16:22Add `lua-slugify` for create the slug in `content.lua`Hugo Soucy3+6-3
2018-04-10 11:29Continue the CLI.Hugo Soucy4+25-18
2018-04-09 18:22Change `makecontent` to use it in `setarchetype`.Hugo Soucy1+13-9
2018-04-09 12:10Test and refactor some functions.Hugo Soucy3+50-24
2018-04-09 12:10Put exec function in a seperate file.Hugo Soucy2+22-14
2018-04-04 15:44Change a little bit the slug functionHugo Soucy1+2-1
2018-04-04 15:31Add a comment about the slugHugo Soucy1+1-0
2018-04-03 17:23Execute `getsites` in `sitesite`Hugo Soucy2+2-1
2018-04-03 17:22Fix indentation.Hugo Soucy1+13-13
2018-04-03 17:22Add inspect rockHugo Soucy1+2-1
2018-03-29 02:18Rename the set paths file.Hugo Soucy4+22-18
2018-03-28 17:59Add the pegasus dependency in the main config file.Hugo Soucy1+2-1
2018-03-28 17:58Add a condition to test the presence of luarocksHugo Soucy1+8-2
2018-03-28 17:57Add a script to test pegasus.luaHugo Soucy1+10-0
2018-03-28 13:29Add the `lua_modules/` repository.Hugo Soucy1+5-0
2018-03-28 13:03Convert `_VERISON` output into number.Hugo Soucy1+2-2
2018-03-28 13:03Spilt dependencies table in sub-tables.Hugo Soucy1+10-8
2018-03-28 12:56Split dependencies table with sub-tables.Hugo Soucy1+5-6
2018-03-28 12:36Add some commands to the CLI.Hugo Soucy1+12-1
2018-03-28 12:36Remove lua in the dependencies for now.Hugo Soucy1+1-2
2018-03-28 12:34Add a script to deal with paths in luarocks cutom directoryHugo Soucy1+5-0
2018-03-16 18:23Add a summary and modify the version value.Hugo Soucy1+2-1
2018-03-16 17:10Add the `mimetypes` dependency.Hugo Soucy1+1-0
2018-03-16 17:10Add a rockspec file.Hugo Soucy1+38-0
2018-02-09 19:48Remove useless print and add comments.Hugo Soucy3+2-6
2018-02-08 22:12Create functions to build tag pagesHugo Soucy2+50-6
2018-02-08 16:06Add a shortlink value to page.Hugo Soucy1+8-1
2018-02-08 14:47Comment gettags function.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-02-06 19:37Start the tag module.Hugo Soucy3+25-4
2018-02-05 21:33Add the rewritemap funcitonHugo Soucy2+54-6
2018-02-04 15:25Start the link.lua module.Hugo Soucy3+23-0
2018-02-02 22:15Rename sites_list in sites_arrHugo Soucy1+6-8
2018-02-02 22:15Move devmode assignation.Hugo Soucy1+4-4
2018-02-02 21:26Remove `Ferron.config` and use config only in site module.Hugo Soucy2+6-7
2018-02-02 21:08Refactor the site configuration calls.Hugo Soucy8+55-40
2018-02-02 21:07Change site.config to site-configHugo Soucy4+14-15
2018-02-02 21:06Rename archetype.lua to content.luaHugo Soucy2+80-72
2018-02-02 19:19Rename site.config.luaHugo Soucy2+46-44
2018-02-02 16:16Remove parenthesis from require callsHugo Soucy9+61-52
2018-02-02 16:15Remove capitalized mustache keys.Hugo Soucy6+51-51
2018-02-02 03:41Optimise the site module.Hugo Soucy2+13-12
2018-02-01 21:33Return the return inside the exec.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2018-02-01 21:32Refactoring modules.Hugo Soucy20+431-447
2018-02-01 03:23Refactoring modules.Hugo Soucy8+121-130
2018-02-01 02:41Remove ferronutils requiresHugo Soucy3+1-3
2018-02-01 02:36Move ferronutils functions in fileutilsHugo Soucy4+8-33
2018-02-01 02:35Rename functions repository to ferron.Hugo Soucy25+559-539
2018-02-01 02:22Delete stringutilsHugo Soucy1+0-8
2018-01-31 19:22Change some output textsHugo Soucy3+7-13
2018-01-31 19:22Add ferronutils + add a var.Hugo Soucy1+6-4
2018-01-31 08:43Create a lua table to create prefetch links for imagesHugo Soucy2+3-0
2018-01-30 21:20Finish the refactoring of the dispatchnontextuals functionHugo Soucy1+1-5
2018-01-30 21:10Refactoring dispatchnontextualsHugo Soucy1+4-5
2018-01-30 20:19Refactoring the dispatchnontextuals functionHugo Soucy2+12-7
2018-01-26 17:20Comment.Hugo Soucy1+5-5
2018-01-26 17:19Put a mecanism to create RSS 2 feed.Hugo Soucy1+12-0
2018-01-25 20:35Start the shortlinks mecanism.Hugo Soucy2+27-1
2018-01-23 14:31Add a data repository in the sample site.Hugo Soucy1+5-0
2018-01-20 18:22Add a string charAt() function.Hugo Soucy1+3-12
2018-01-20 18:21Remove the shorturl function.Hugo Soucy1+0-32
2018-01-20 00:37Add a table length function.Hugo Soucy1+11-0
2018-01-20 00:37Start a url shortener funciton.Hugo Soucy1+32-0
2018-01-17 19:37Refactor the listindex mechanism + add archive functionHugo Soucy1+38-18
2018-01-17 01:20Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:hs0ucy/ferron-ssg into devHugo Soucy0+0-0
2018-01-15 23:23Start to build the archive mecanismHugo Soucy1+25-4
2017-12-01 20:52Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/ferron-ssg into devHugo Soucy5+28-28
2017-12-01 20:51Replace above by below.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2017-12-01 20:15Put mimestable values in site.configHugo Soucy2+10-2
2017-12-01 20:15Add a comment.Hugo Soucy1+3-2
2017-12-01 13:11Replace `getdirtree` with `path.each`.Hugo Soucy2+110-96
2017-11-30 14:27Remove `listindex_table` and use `listindex_metadatas_mt` insteadHugo Soucy1+6-7
2017-11-30 04:29Add a comment.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2017-11-30 04:25Add new methodsHugo Soucy1+6-2
2017-11-30 04:25Optimize varsHugo Soucy2+31-32
2017-11-29 19:51Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hs0ucy/ferron-ssg into devHugo Soucy1+21-0
2017-11-29 19:51Remove dev LICENCE fileHugo Soucy1+0-0
2017-11-29 19:49Add a file for `ferronutils`Hugo Soucy1+8-0
2017-11-29 16:28Add a LICENCE fileHugo Soucy1+0-0
2017-11-28 21:05Add a space.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2017-11-28 21:04Add a keyorder table for the json encode process.Hugo Soucy2+8-7
2017-11-28 20:23Remove a useless assignation.Hugo Soucy1+0-2
2017-11-28 20:18Remove the content property from the json files.Hugo Soucy1+5-3
2017-11-28 19:32Add feedback messages.Hugo Soucy1+8-0
2017-11-28 11:49Remove the commented about prefetchHugo Soucy1+2-6
2017-11-28 00:55Remove useless code.Hugo Soucy2+3-8
2017-11-27 13:15Create a prefetch list.Hugo Soucy4+15-5
2017-11-25 16:03Add lastupdate value in the feed tableHugo Soucy1+2-0
2017-11-25 13:57Comment the inspect() requireHugo Soucy1+2-2
2017-11-25 13:57Remove an empty print()Hugo Soucy1+2-4
2017-11-25 13:39Create symlinks directly in the public_html/ and move all images.Hugo Soucy1+13-14
2017-11-25 13:38Remove unused comments.Hugo Soucy2+0-36
2017-11-25 01:32Add dispatchnontextualsHugo Soucy2+40-1
2017-11-25 01:31Remove makenontextualsexportsHugo Soucy2+1-42
2017-11-25 01:31Add a missing "s"Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2017-11-24 05:59Add a logic operator condition to have listindex on all levelsHugo Soucy1+2-3
2017-11-23 22:02Make some tests.Hugo Soucy1+8-8
2017-11-23 20:01Work on image exportationsHugo Soucy4+22-15
2017-11-23 13:28Change a function name.Hugo Soucy5+52-41
2017-11-22 21:01Change output messages.Hugo Soucy2+5-3
2017-11-22 21:01Remove an unused comment.Hugo Soucy1+0-2
2017-11-22 20:39Remove the lfs dependency and add some other configsHugo Soucy1+24-5
2017-11-22 12:39Add a function for deal with the image symlinkHugo Soucy2+24-11
2017-11-21 16:11Create html directly in the public_html/ folder.Hugo Soucy4+69-40
2017-11-21 15:12Add a README fileHugo Soucy1+0-0
2017-11-21 14:56Add some outputsHugo Soucy5+21-8
2017-11-21 03:44Remove an old pargraphHugo Soucy1+1-6
2017-11-21 03:37Continue the edition of the documentationHugo Soucy1+35-19
2017-11-21 03:37Add a readmeHugo Soucy1+2-0
2017-11-21 03:04Switch two sections of the documentationHugo Soucy1+7-7
2017-11-21 03:01Continue the ferron documentationHugo Soucy1+15-17
2017-11-21 02:46Continue the documentation.Hugo Soucy1+22-61
2017-11-21 01:21Remove the rockspec file.Hugo Soucy1+0-39
2017-11-20 21:20Start the ferron documentation.Hugo Soucy1+138-4
2017-11-20 21:20Rename the cli file.Hugo Soucy2+3-1
2017-11-20 17:51Rename the rockspec fileHugo Soucy2+39-39
2017-11-20 00:34Add a rockspec file to soon put the code on luarocksHugo Soucy1+39-0
2017-11-19 21:15Add a feed template.Hugo Soucy1+22-0
2017-11-19 19:34Change a comment.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2017-11-19 19:29Rename the samplesite to ferron-ssg.Hugo Soucy12+38-40
2017-11-19 18:30Use the SITE.BASEURL instead of the SITE.URLHugo Soucy1+1-4
2017-11-19 18:30Set the value of the base url according to the devmode parameter.Hugo Soucy1+1-0
2017-11-19 17:52Rename the CLI file.Hugo Soucy2+1-3
2017-11-19 17:51Remove commented content.Hugo Soucy1+0-1
2017-11-18 16:50Change indentationHugo Soucy1+7-4
2017-11-18 02:21Add the archetypes folderHugo Soucy1+4-0
2017-11-18 02:11Make the first commit.Hugo Soucy26+1166-0