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2021-09-14 00:53Import content from posterousHugo Soucy4+132-0
2021-09-14 00:53Remove a print()Hugo Soucy1+0-2
2021-09-10 02:29Set aria-hidden=true to the svg spriteHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-09-10 02:22Update contentHugo Soucy5+48-107
2021-09-10 02:21Enhance posttypes templatesHugo Soucy4+15-4
2021-09-10 02:21Add dynamic date in navigationHugo Soucy1+2-2
2021-09-10 02:20Add the last publication on home pageHugo Soucy1+13-0
2021-09-10 02:20IndentHugo Soucy1+5-3
2021-09-10 02:19Add home layout css rulesHugo Soucy1+11-3
2021-09-10 02:18Remove losange shape on smallscreenHugo Soucy1+2-3
2021-09-10 02:17Use a local imageHugo Soucy1+2-3
2021-09-10 02:17Comment a blockquote ruleHugo Soucy1+5-5
2021-09-10 02:16Delete an imageHugo Soucy1+0-0
2021-09-10 02:16Add a new css moduleHugo Soucy2+6-0
2021-09-10 02:15Edit contentHugo Soucy27+261-0
2021-07-22 00:43Add mondifications to actual contentHugo Soucy8+85-58
2021-07-22 00:43Modify navigation and publications templatesHugo Soucy2+9-1
2021-07-22 00:42Modify nav and base cssHugo Soucy2+9-2
2021-07-22 00:42Change the peertube account uriHugo Soucy1+3-1
2021-07-22 00:41Delete a testHugo Soucy2+0-41
2021-07-22 00:01Add new contentHugo Soucy25+627-0
2021-05-03 02:59Add the comment about entrHugo Soucy1+2-0
2021-05-03 02:59Change the color of the logo and navigationHugo Soucy9+99-19
2021-05-01 19:49Refactor the theme a little bitHugo Soucy16+219-251
2021-04-26 00:57Move the footer outside the layoutHugo Soucy2+39-39
2021-04-26 00:56Add a wordHugo Soucy1+4-3
2021-04-24 00:28Test html as an input formatHugo Soucy4+9-10
2021-04-22 20:05Replace domainname by siteurlHugo Soucy3+2-3
2021-04-22 01:01Set template/posttype value to default-indexHugo Soucy5+5-5
2021-04-22 01:01Add a new color tokenHugo Soucy1+1-0
2021-04-22 01:00Modify the text about sfeedHugo Soucy1+3-2
2021-04-22 01:00Modify, add, comment in the config fileHugo Soucy1+3-3
2021-04-22 00:59Add missing index files in txt/Hugo Soucy6+27-0
2021-04-22 00:58Add new bookmarks about lua and sqliteHugo Soucy4+45-0
2021-04-13 16:26Remove trailling spaces in an attributeHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-04-12 23:59Add a new note about the rule of least powerHugo Soucy2+13-0
2021-04-12 16:02Change the label of a navigation itemHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-04-12 15:57Adapt templates with list according to the satelito modificationsHugo Soucy3+44-40
2021-04-12 15:56Add 'list = false' propertiesHugo Soucy2+2-1
2021-04-12 15:55Replace posttype by templateHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-04-12 15:54Add a commaHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-04-12 15:53Delete emacs meta filesHugo Soucy5+0-102
2021-04-12 15:52Modify config.url to config.siteurlHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-04-12 15:50Add new contentsHugo Soucy6+133-0
2021-03-30 12:59Change/add content and stylesHugo Soucy35+500-60
2021-03-06 15:03Modify the navigation titleHugo Soucy1+18-1
2021-03-06 15:02Change the svg spriteHugo Soucy1+10-22
2021-03-06 15:02Modify footer's htmlHugo Soucy3+31-36
2021-03-06 15:00Convert sass to cssHugo Soucy5+91-41
2021-02-21 13:44Add some modifications to 2 bin scriptsHugo Soucy2+5-3
2021-02-21 13:40Put the vcard and the cv directly in the templateHugo Soucy2+589-4
2021-02-21 13:40Check an item in the todo listHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-02-21 13:39Remove indieweb ringHugo Soucy1+0-6
2021-02-21 13:37Edit some pagesHugo Soucy7+25-33
2021-02-21 13:33New draftsHugo Soucy3+26-0
2021-02-21 13:33Rename some filesHugo Soucy3+5-5
2021-02-21 13:31Add noew bookmarksHugo Soucy8+51-0
2021-02-21 13:27Convert scss in csshs0ucy47+756-865
2021-02-21 13:26Modify relmehs0ucy1+3-3
2021-02-07 12:20Back up an old atom feedHugo Soucy1+1171-1171
2021-02-07 12:19Add the domain name before the feed titleHugo Soucy1+2-2
2021-02-07 12:19Decrease the grid max-widthHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-02-07 12:18Add info about netstatHugo Soucy1+16-0
2021-02-07 12:16Add a tuto about prosody http uploadHugo Soucy2+19-0
2021-02-07 12:14Add a page about XMPPHugo Soucy2+49-0
2021-02-07 12:13Add old texts about emacsHugo Soucy4+205-0
2021-02-07 12:10Add new notesHugo Soucy4+29-0
2021-02-07 12:09Add new bookmarksHugo Soucy18+151-0
2021-01-10 03:32Add a webring iconHugo Soucy1+12-0
2021-01-10 03:31Add an elipsis to the summaryHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-01-10 03:31Add a HRHugo Soucy1+2-0
2021-01-10 03:30Remove blockquote in the reply posttypeHugo Soucy2+0-8
2021-01-10 03:30Change the reply scriptHugo Soucy1+14-14
2021-01-10 03:29Add a textHugo Soucy2+48-0
2021-01-10 03:29Add a replyHugo Soucy2+19-0
2021-01-10 03:29Add new notesHugo Soucy6+33-0
2021-01-10 03:28Add new bookmarksHugo Soucy4+71-0
2021-01-07 02:45Add a summary in the meta fileHugo Soucy1+2-1
2021-01-07 01:32Change the folder nameHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-01-07 01:30Add the content of 2021Hugo Soucy20+279-0
2021-01-07 01:30Put on one lineHugo Soucy1+1-3
2021-01-07 01:29Removes css blockHugo Soucy1+0-4
2021-01-07 01:29IndentHugo Soucy1+2-1
2021-01-07 01:28Change yearHugo Soucy1+2-2
2021-01-07 01:27Add the 2020 links in archivesHugo Soucy1+3-0
2021-01-07 01:27Change the posttypeHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-12-28 18:38Display the text posttype iconHugo Soucy2+14-2
2020-12-28 18:38Add a new icon for text posttypeHugo Soucy1+1-0
2020-12-28 18:37Modify some contentsHugo Soucy4+23-15
2020-12-28 18:37Add scripts to oprtimize imagesHugo Soucy2+44-1
2020-12-28 18:36Add new bookmarks and a textHugo Soucy10+60-0
2020-12-21 04:02Display summary and other conditionsHugo Soucy1+8-3
2020-12-21 03:58Add bridgy linksHugo Soucy1+9-0
2020-12-21 03:57Change a link and remove another oneHugo Soucy1+1-2
2020-12-21 03:57Change the posttype and add a summaryHugo Soucy2+6-7
2020-12-21 02:55Add a new text about stagitHugo Soucy2+137-0
2020-12-21 02:55Change a URLHugo Soucy1+5-5
2020-12-19 14:49Change the 2020 introductoin paragraphe.Hugo Soucy1+2-4
2020-12-19 02:36Remove a spaceHugo Soucy1+0-1
2020-12-19 00:26Changfe Font to Font familyHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-12-18 21:40Test post-receive IVHugo Soucy1+0-1
2020-12-18 21:38Test post-receive IIIHugo Soucy1+1-0
2020-12-18 21:18Test post-receive IIHugo Soucy1+0-1
2020-12-18 21:12Test the post-receive scriptHugo Soucy1+1-0
2020-12-18 21:00Create the first remote commitHugo Soucy21+184-34
2020-12-10 02:58Change CSSHugo Soucy10+118-97
2020-12-10 02:58Change templatesHugo Soucy5+79-43
2020-12-10 02:56Change the readmeHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-12-10 02:54Change humans.txtHugo Soucy1+4-2
2020-12-10 02:53Add réponsesHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-12-10 02:52Add a rel me for codebergHugo Soucy1+1-0
2020-12-10 02:51Add bin scriptsHugo Soucy2+17-11
2020-12-10 02:50Add new contentHugo Soucy26+392-0
2020-11-21 15:24Add some js scriptsHugo Soucy2+24-0
2020-11-21 15:24Add an editorconfig fileHugo Soucy1+16-0
2020-11-21 15:24Edit the todoHugo Soucy1+4-0
2020-11-21 15:23Indent config.luaHugo Soucy1+49-56
2020-11-21 15:21Add svg symbols spriteHugo Soucy1+7-0
2020-11-21 15:21Edit contentsHugo Soucy57+260-5
2020-11-21 15:20Edit templatesHugo Soucy7+83-73
2020-11-21 15:20Edit stylesHugo Soucy14+181-104
2020-11-21 15:19Edit bin filesHugo Soucy4+37-14
2020-11-14 02:24Style the resumeHugo Soucy1+34-10
2020-11-14 01:15Add some classesHugo Soucy3+33-13
2020-11-14 01:15Add the indieweb ringHugo Soucy1+6-0
2020-11-14 01:14Simplify the index templateHugo Soucy1+2-11
2020-11-14 01:14Fix a bug in the atom feed templateHugo Soucy1+12-13
2020-11-14 01:14Enhance some stylesHugo Soucy7+49-33
2020-11-14 01:13The html of the index page is now in a separate repo called vcardHugo Soucy2+10-16
2020-11-14 01:12Edit the CV's titleHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-11-14 01:12delete a testHugo Soucy2+0-11
2020-11-14 01:11add a posse table in some recent contentsHugo Soucy4+32-20
2020-11-14 01:10Add the noise background imageHugo Soucy1+0-0
2020-11-14 01:10Add a webring pageHugo Soucy2+24-0
2020-11-14 01:10Add a new script for create pagesHugo Soucy3+53-0
2020-11-12 00:23Set to done a couple todosHugo Soucy1+5-5
2020-11-12 00:22Remove keywords and descriptionHugo Soucy1+0-2
2020-11-12 00:22Add/modify contentHugo Soucy9+38-2
2020-11-12 00:21Add new shell scripts in bin/Hugo Soucy3+9-0
2020-11-10 23:23Change commentsHugo Soucy2+5-5
2020-11-10 23:22Change the generator valueHugo Soucy1+1-1
2020-11-10 23:21Add or modify templatesHugo Soucy15+319-171
2020-11-10 23:20Add the deploy scriptHugo Soucy1+4-0
2020-11-10 23:20Add backups from shr.soucy.ccHugo Soucy3+8381-0
2020-11-10 23:19Add or modify scssHugo Soucy24+283-193
2020-11-10 23:18Add or modify contentsHugo Soucy59+289-25
2020-11-10 23:15Add new shell script to build repliesHugo Soucy3+86-0
2020-11-08 14:03Add a script to create notesHugo Soucy3+76-0
2020-11-07 14:33Add scss filesHugo Soucy28+638-0
2020-11-07 14:33Change a parameter nameHugo Soucy40+40-40
2020-11-07 14:08Add the public_html folderHugo Soucy1+5-0
2020-11-06 11:28Make some changesHugo Soucy185+204-383
2020-11-06 11:28Add new thingsHugo Soucy38+616-0
2020-10-28 01:07ChabiloulaHugo Soucy488+4947-0