This is a sample web site for the Satelito ssg.
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2022-04-06 15:54Remove the simpleCSS idHugo Soucy1+0-1
2022-04-06 15:52Change the gitignore and the name of the default CSSHugo Soucy2+174-1
2022-04-06 15:46Remove the role=banner attributeHugo Soucy1+1-1
2022-03-19 18:07Detele gallery directoryHugo Soucy12+0-14
2022-02-10 00:38Put the photo in the montreuil studio pageHugo Soucy1+2-0
2022-02-10 00:32Translate the aria-labelHugo Soucy1+1-1
2022-02-10 00:29Replace the h2 by a aria-label attributeHugo Soucy1+1-3
2022-02-10 00:26Replace the CSS entirelyHugo Soucy2+1-3
2022-02-10 00:19Add a bin folderHugo Soucy1+0-0
2022-01-24 19:51Add a content galleryHugo Soucy12+12-0
2022-01-24 19:51Modify the sitemap.xml loopHugo Soucy1+9-3
2021-10-14 15:26Add the template for the sitemap.xml fileHugo Soucy2+12-0
2021-09-26 14:35Update templates according to the recent satelito changesHugo Soucy3+12-13
2021-09-26 14:34Add an index page for the filmography sectionHugo Soucy2+9-0
2021-04-26 00:52Extract the footer outside the layoutHugo Soucy2+6-5
2021-04-22 20:10Change permissionsHugo Soucy19+0-0
2021-04-22 20:07Replace domainname by siteurlHugo Soucy2+1-3
2021-04-22 18:22Move or delete some parts and add commentsHugo Soucy1+33-18
2021-04-20 00:08Update the feed templateHugo Soucy1+15-13
2021-04-12 15:46Modify a dateHugo Soucy2+1-2
2021-04-12 15:45Remove the gitignore in the public_html/css/ folderHugo Soucy1+0-4
2021-04-12 15:44Change config.url property to config.siteurlHugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-02-04 21:44Change the name of the picture.Hugo Soucy1+1-1
2021-02-04 21:44Add an header elementHugo Soucy1+3-1
2021-02-04 21:43Import simple.min.cssHugo Soucy1+7-0
2021-02-04 21:42Add a basic style sheetHugo Soucy1+2-0
2021-02-04 21:41Modify the public_html gitignoreHugo Soucy1+1-0
2021-02-04 21:41Add a photoHugo Soucy1+0-0
2021-02-04 20:30Add new content, modify the configurationHugo Soucy16+98-23
2021-02-04 16:02First commit with all the filesHugo Soucy9+185-0